Stories in parts

That guy on tinder! Part 3 πŸ˜πŸ˜‚


Good morning 😍 a beautiful text from Mr. He popped next morning. These were mere two words from him but they made her day.

She was not able to stow away the crimson of new love on her face. He was the one who used to listen to her every night when she plainted about her life, appeased her when she was frustrated. She was sure that she has lost her head over him. He was the only glimmer of hope and she couldn’t afford to lose him. Days passed but what next she thought. Finally she confessed Mr. He her hankering for him.

The reply of Mr. He shook her. “I AM COMING TO MEET” he said.

To be continued…

Previous parts: Part 2 , Part 1


9 thoughts on “That guy on tinder! Part 3 πŸ˜πŸ˜‚”

  1. OHHHH!!! Now it’s getting interesting. I always wished for a pony but if I really got one, I wouldn’t know what to do….this is the situation she is looking at now. Her dream is coming to fruition or so it may seem, exciting!! Or is it???? Catfish…..


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