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That guy on tinder! Part 4 πŸ˜πŸ˜‚


He was there finally after travelling 250 km to see her. Obviously her heart was beating fast and she was swimming in the sea of legion musing.

Should I hug him or should I greet him formally? And her phone rang. It was Mr. He, I have reached he said. Now she was numb! Oh MY God! What should I do. Okay I will hug him and her eyes started searching him. Finally! The search came to an end.. There he was his Mr. He 😍

She rushed to hug him and he too stretched his hand forward not to hug her but for a handshake! πŸ˜‚ She said “Really?” And hugged him without even wasting a second. 😍

They both were sitting on the beach and she was speaking her heart out but Mr. He was more interested in enjoying the panoramic view and she said I love you. Mr. He said I love you too and was busy interacting with the people near by.

What has happened to him? He used to speak so much over the phone but now he is not speaking much and not even sitting close to me… and then she did not put much effort to forcefully continue the conversation. He might have not found me good she thought and there was nothing more than the silence!Β  Yes.. how can anything good happen to me she thought and started laughingπŸ’”

To be continued..

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27 thoughts on “That guy on tinder! Part 4 πŸ˜πŸ˜‚”

  1. It’s so odd how things are so different when you see someone in person, it can go sweet or sour. What a twist, I’m wondering if this is the wrong guy😁. Hanging on my bookmarkπŸƒ!

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  2. Lovely blog do write further.. Grooming the love through new generation’s handroll..

    I would like to give a suggestion dear please tag your previous parts to the further ones it will help to go back and read if someone is reading for the first time

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