Stories in parts

That guy on tinder! Part 5😍😂

He noticed that she was silent and wondered that has he done something wrong.

Mr. He (Confused): what happened? 🙄

She (With a fake smile) : Nothing 😊

Mr. He had no idea that “nothing” of a girl has so much in it. 😂 He assumed that everything was going well and they spent their whole day on the beach.

Now it was time to part and she managed a fake smile on her face whole day. They were in the bus now heading towards their respective destinations. He asked again “All is well?” And she nodded her head and said Yes. Now he knew that something is wrong. He said “I love you”.  She smiled and looked out of the window.

She was questioning herself that should she tell him that she is hurt. Yes I should tell him because I don’t want to regret later and then she turned towards Mr. He.

She: Listen! You are not the person I loved 😑 why are you avoiding me? You don’t like me? It is okay but please tell me.

Mr. He (hugged her): Stupid! This was going on in your head? I was noticing that you were behaving differently. I am sorry. I will learn. My ex left me because I was too clingy so I was trying not to repeat it all again. I LOVE YOU 💗

Though she was not satisfied with the answer still she said I love you too and went home. Filled with lots of emotions she was wondering what to do and suddenly she messaged Mr. He

I think we are too different, let us break up!” 

And she opened tinder again to deviate her mind …
To be continued..

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