Incomplete us.


Filled with sorrow and regret, my eyes are now wet.

I have hurt him so many times, I realize now that he is not mine.

I have pleaded but he will not forgive me, it is sad I know but he has also hurt me.

That smile on his face looks real, he is happy without me yes I can feel.

His kisses, his hugs are gone, but still I have to move on!

It hurts, yes it hurts like hell, but I have to pretend that I am well.

I hope you live happily, just remember I will still love you deeply.


26 thoughts on “Incomplete us.”

  1. 😒 the same way my other half did to me but I never gave up on her because whatever she did how much less she cared, how much she ignored, giving time for her important aspects, by not giving me priority!!!!
    But I never gap up instead I gave her love, priority, importance and so much of care, by always trusting her is all I did and I will always do!!
    You know why because it was both of us who choose each other, then how can I give up!!!!
    Sometime it hurts but sometimes it motivates me even more because I increase the amount of effort every single day because I love her and I true do lover her!!!
    I hope everything gets fine at the end because where there is love there is god and god never choose us to be apart!!

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