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Where is Lisa? πŸ™„ The suspense: Last Part


Cristina was behind the bars! Her fingerprints were matching with the fingerprints of the Richard’s murder.

I am not guilty. Why am I here? πŸ™„


*After 1 month*

Cristina was spending her life in the prison and after 1 month Lisa came to meet her! πŸ™„

Cristina was numb. She wasn’t able to move for few minutes and then she started shouting “Lisa is here! Sir please come. She is the murder.”

Lisa stated laughing at her! And said you killed him but now I will kill you.

The prison guards came and they were stunned as Cristina was choking herself to death.

Where was Lisa?
Lisa was inside Cristina! Yes She was. πŸ™„

Previous Parts: Part 3 , Part 2 ,Part 1


14 thoughts on “Where is Lisa? πŸ™„ The suspense: Last Part”

  1. Damn! I had been guessing the the end from the second part and this turned out to be completely different! She is mentally ill,multiple personality disorder but how?

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    1. Well she was a shy girl. She wasn’t able to stand against Richard. So Lisa entered into her life the day when she was first molested! Lisa was a free spirited girl. She didn’t liked the way Cristina was running away from her problem. So she killed Richard.

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  2. Oh, sorta like a mixed personality kinda thing….wow, that is whoa!!! Okay, I see the play now, very creative and very good storytelling!!! I expected she just had a mean friend at first, then she had a messed up imaginary friend but low and behold……the killer was in her!!! Mystery solved, she was her own mystery…’re good.
    I’m knocking on your door for more. ;o)

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