Harsh reality of Love!


To fill the voids in our life we need a person. This is the point from which we start getting trapped. We see a person and woah he is good! Yes I am in love with him.

If somehow that person also starts getting infatuated towards you then the real trapping starts! Expectations! Differences! Arguments! Changes!

If you both can adjust with each other it goes on! *they lived happily ever after *

Else there can be so many harsh realities like the person can be dominant, unsupportive, over protective …… unending list! You will try to adjust adjust and adjust till your last breath and you will not get anything out of it.

Okay you want to be happy then choose someone who is compatible else you have your whole life to regret.


16 thoughts on “Harsh reality of Love!”

  1. Expectations equals disappointments they say. It starts with chemistry, slow burn, common ground, a little magic and a sprinkle of sugar and the rest is happy street. That’s when it’s up to the guy to keep her happy. πŸ˜‰. And she has to help some too but if you make it work, it becomes a job then it’s no fun.
    You are too smart little bug😁. You’ll write the book on romance!!πŸŒΉπŸ’ž

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