Stories in parts

Mia’s Sweetheart πŸ’• Part 5


I hate him 😀 I will distract myself! Mia started dating a guy of her class.

At home
David: Mom! You know Mia is dating a fat guy πŸ˜‚
David’s Mom: David! Why you keep on troubling her. Mia I am with you. Ignore him.
Mia: Don’t worry David, we are shifting back tomorrow. πŸ™„
David: Thank you so much
Mia: See mom! He is so rude

With a palm face she ran away to her room.

Mia was packing her bags and David’s mom came in with her eyes full of tears.
It was a dark and silent night. Mia was musing over the thought that she has to leave in the morning. I will miss mom and David.

Suddenly she heard footsteps and she saw David standing in the balcony.

Mia: Not sleeping?
David: Hey dolt. I am very happy today so not able to sleep.
Mia: Happy? Oh ill-bred is happy? Why?
David: My house will be my house again. Leave the house before I wake up.

Mia was now resentful.

Mia: You think you are too smart? Everyone hates you.
David: Then why do you still love me?
He kissed Mia and said I don’t love you.

To be continued..

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22 thoughts on “Mia’s Sweetheart πŸ’• Part 5”

  1. He sure is playing some mind games with her. I think he actually likes her and he’s just trying to hide his feelings, to bad he’s being an inconsiderate jerk, Mia seems to nice for him. Can’t wait to see what happens next, I thought she had him with the bridal pictures she was using. I hope she gets back at him….will she? Guess I have to wait!!! 😬

    Liked by 1 person

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