One Liners

Short Tales #8

He grabbed her breasts, touched her in the dark lane and ran away.

“Dad! someone molested me in that dark lane” Her daughter said.


34 thoughts on “Short Tales #8”

  1. If I see anything happening to my friends and family be it a boy or girl we should join hands to fight against the molester and people with filthy thinking, all those who abuse, especially the term getting common nowadays, we should fight against it, lest it would be too late. BTW I nominated you for unique blogger award, check my post,

    you don’t approve some of my comments why? Why this racism?

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  2. I hear that is a common problem, it happens all over. Men who do that should be hung and horsewhipped. I would have done more than slapped the individual who did that to you lovely. πŸ˜‰

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