One Liners

I feel #4

The best mornings are the ones when he wakes me up with a smile and a wagging tail 😍


27 thoughts on “I feel #4”

      1. I think you don’t like cats,, (BTW cats have been a victim of stereotype, especially black cats, ever heard ‘kali billi rasta kaat gayi’, its makes no sense, what if it brings good luck to someone, they are freaking cute animals, in fact cats are adopted in a haunted house. Cats needs justice you know, I think you should adapt a kitten and see for yourself. )

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        1. No no no! Actually I don’t like cats because they are weird! I you feed them the also they will give you looks and the main reason why I don’t like cats is once I was giving food to a cat and she was after me! I still have the mark πŸ˜‚

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