This is how we found each other! 

Duniya hilaa denge! 😍😂

Free to express

Hey readers ,

I’m up with a new blog talking about a special person who recently entered into my life, I feel I know her from years though.

So first of all I owe this to blogging and writing because of it I was able to make calm and firm decision, and earned some solid relationships in life,

So, she’s an awesome writer I found her through WordPress, one day while I was reading someone’s blog’s reviews I found her comment in it and I thought of giving a look to her blog posts, I realised she’s a new writer though she has written one good story which hooked me to know about its other parts.

I found her blogs even interesting cause I find her posts more realistic like mine, hey wait! This was the first similarity.

So now what next, our Facebook pages helped us grooving our connections…

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4 thoughts on “This is how we found each other! ”

  1. Awww, I love you both for such connection. 😘😘💖

    I can completely agree, WordPress is a blessing for us. It has given me a lot of people who are a great part of my life now.

    And thankfully, Richa you’re also one of them.
    Aur aaj se Shraddha bhi ho gayi subh Se😆. 😘❤

    God bless you both. Keep writing. 💖

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