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When we work together #4

This poem written by Shraddha and me is dedicated to our blogging family 😊 You people inspire us and motivate us.
Thank you so much 😊


She was so loquacious in her own mind,
all she does was to play the past and then rewind.
Displaying it through  her words,
She entered into bloggers world.
She searched for the words which can express her feelings,
She wrote them all without thinking that, are they appealing!
The path on which she was ambulative,
was making her strong,content and positive.
She has got a new family now, she knows,
who will listens to her posey of highs and lows.
Her raw emotions now have a voice,
She is doing a work of her choice.
She isn’t carving for name,
She just wants to be away from the mind game.
One day she read a story which was as similar as her’s,
It intrigued her with the metaphors.
How can someone be so me,
She thought, is she my deme?
She wanted to ask, are you real?
How are we both packed in the same seal.
Now that tape of past has vanished from her mind,
She will live in present and there will be no rewind.

-By Shraddha and Me


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