32 thoughts on “Short tales #64

  1. “Who is knocking the doors of my heart again? Is it you? Oh No! They are just your memories.”
    Hey Richa,
    1.How many doors you have?
    (My friend, Mr. Lonely pointed out a good question, and I would stress the word “Them” in it).
    2. Memories are only left and knocking…. that means you still regret his/their departure.
    3. Are these lines hypothetical?
    Inspired by Sherlock.

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    1. 1. Number I don’t remember. I just remember the fact that someone just rushed out of her heart, breaking its walls. So, she didn’t had enough bricks and made a door there.
      2. I don’t regret departure of anyone because this quotation isn’t about me!
      3. My writing is never inspired by existing inspirations. They are the thoughts which I pen down based on people and their experiences mostly.

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