From the grave

Hey mom! Do you hear me?

I am alone here, few days back so happy were we!

It is so dark and I am scared,

I want that room again, that we both shared.

You visit me daily and cry,

I want to talk to you but all that I can do is to try.

I scream but my voice doesn’t reach,

Days are turning into months, I beseech!

That trip of few kilometres took me light years away from you,

It is suffocating here, and I am pleading for your view.

You told me not to go,

But the one which one was my ego.

I didn’t listen to you and now I regret,

Earlier you used to smile but now your eyes are wet.

I try to communicate with god and tell me,

I want to be reborn in your tummy.

I feel here, inside my graves,

Few drops of tears,

Few roses,

You touching me,

Your taking my name,

Yes mom! I miss you more,

I will soon come again, I assure.

Β© Richa Pandey

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