Our story

I met you years ago,

Never thought that we will bump into each other again and say hello.

But yes, it happened though we never thought so,

We explored that deep inside us we both are so low.

Days passed and slowly we unlocked all the gates,

From acquaintance we became soul mates.

Soul mates? Yes you heard that right!

We love each other more than anything , no matter how much we fight.

You are the sunshine which peeked into my dark room,

You held my hand and told me life is a flower which is yet to bloom.

You care for me so much that I am so sure,

I had the disease of which you were the only cure.

Don’t be insecure, I am already prisoner of your love forever,

I can’t promise that I will not fight but yes! I will not allow you to sleep with heavy heart ever.

Don’t even let any misunderstanding come between us,

I can’t afford to lose you because now it is not about you and me, it is about us.

ยฉ Richa Pandey

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