Happy Journey?

It is difficult sometimes when you see people of your age doing so good in life and you are still trying to explore your interests which are bleak now.

There comes a point when you realize that no! It is not what I wished to do. I may spend my whole life doing this but that “inner happiness”, I will never achieve it. I don’t enjoy my work.

Only some people gather their courage and leave their unsatisfying job and move to the path which is still to be explored.

I haven’t said that they will earn more or less than their previous job but yes they will surely earn the happiness which was lost. I can’t express that feeling in words here because I may not be able to justify it but all I can do is to make you question that are you really happy or you also want to join me on the journey whose end is still undefined.

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12 thoughts on “Happy Journey?”

  1. Only those are lucky enough and happy enough who have jumped out of the tempting illusion of life and have found themselves in this chaotic life. And somewhere in between listening to our heart or mind we tend to believe what is happening is supposed to be happen and realise it when it’s too late and no pages in book of life is left to unturned. Great post🙂

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  2. Wonderful post beautiful and at times people do reach that crossroad of the red and blue pill. The road to inner happiness isn’t always easy, if it was then everyone would take it. Sacrifice comes with success, you won’t make much somewhere but in return you’ll gain a lot more, and in the end it balances out. If people don’t like their situation then they have to change it, always go the extra mile….it’s less crowded there.😉. You’ll be out of breath but you’ll smile a lot more, and that’s a road to a happy journey. 😘

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  3. My comments are patient like me and your post are beautiful like you, together we are one plus one like two😉. I’ll always take time to read your post as you do me the same honor, I love your words gorgeous because they come from your heart and I love it. Like I said, my comments are simply a side dish to your elegant entree I call a blog. I can’t thank you enough for finding me. 😍😍😘

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  4. I see you are speaking an inner truth out loud. Dangerous for some and freeing for others. For me, your words are like a warm blanket and I like cold rooms with warm blankets they help me think.

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  5. Sometimes, it’s hard to tell what you really want because of others expectations. When the cloud of confusion clears though and you’re sure of what you want that’d make you happy, go for it.
    Beautiful post, thanks for sharing.

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