Career as a content writer

What is a content writer?

A content writer is a researcher and skillful player of words, who write content for various Organizations, Article, Blog posts,Newspaper pieces,Magazine,White papers,Email newsletters,E-books, Books, Social media, Podcasts, Television,Film,Radio etc. The area of interests can vary from language art, technology, fashion,travelling, education, social topics and much more.

Content writing vs Copy writing vs technical writing

Content writing is done to inform, educate or entertain. A content writer can be anyone who produces content.

Copy writing is done for marketing of a brand. Its main purpose is to sell.

Technical writing is done to explain the technology or technical processes to an ordinary person.

Though above three often overlap with each other in many scenarios.

How to excel as a content writer?

  • Good hold on grammar and various writing styles
  • Ability to research and write quickly under deadlines
  • Be original and relevant
  • Know your target audience
  • Learn SEO,WordPress and link building.

Career as content writer

I researched a lot to know the career scope of content writer and here are my findings:

  • Apart from doing 9 to 6 job, you can do freelance writing too.
  • As a fresher, you may not be paid a very handsome salary(15k to 25K) but with experience and constant learning of various other tools, you will reach to a decent salary soon.
  • SEO is a big added advantage!
  • MNCs don’t hire content writers directly but they hire agencies who can do content writing for them and these agencies hire content writers.
  • There is no limit to learn or earn.

I hope this article was useful. If you want to add on some points then do comment on this post.

Thank you.

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